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Why hire a photocopier instead of buying?

Everyone who’s had experience of printers and photocopies knows that when they work, they’re great. But when something goes wrong, it can be a long and expensive nightmare to correct.

At Printer Specialists we supply units tailored to your companies’ individual requirements and provide complete support for it, and all for one easy to manage monthly bill.

All your company needs to do is provide the paper on which to print.

What can Copier-Hire offer me?

We only supply machines from Konica Minolta’s flagship “Biz Hub” series which are industrial, heavy throughput photocopiers. We have supplied these units for many years now and can vouch for their reliability and quality.

Each unit is pre-tested and supplied ready to go from the moment of installation. The only thing we don’t supply is the paper on which you print. We do all the hard work for you, freeing you from all responsibility whilst maintaining your productivity.

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What is included in my hire agreement?

When hiring a machine from Printer Specialists, it includes installation, a hands-on introduction of your new machine, maintenance including ALL parts and labour, toner cartridges and any additional consumable items required for operation.  In the event of a breakdown, on average, our response time for a call out is approximately four hours from first contact.

At Printer Specialists we understand your need for a heavy duty copier/printer, so the machine chosen to be supplied has been deemed to be more than adequate to fit your copier printer usage.

Each of our copiers is also a high quality document scanner which can convert your documents into digital files for easy storage or emailing to clients. Whilst our competitors charge in excess of £100 per month for this feature alone, at no point will we charge for the use of this function, even if you scan 1000’s of documents per month.

What Am I likely to pay each month?

Each month Printer Specialists will bill your company with our standard monthly hire fee of £50.00, this price includes 3000 free mono A4 prints each month. You will only be charged for any colour pages or, black pages in excess of 3000 per month.

We have a nominal fee for each page printed from our units; Our basic charges start from 1p per Mono A4 page and 4p per Colour A4 page regardless of your monthly throughput.


Example of typical monthly bill:- 

Monthly Hire Fee (including 3000 mono prints)                               £50.00
Monthly Black Page Total: 3669 (-3000) @ 1p                                  £06.69
Monthly Colour Page Total: 269 @ 4p                                               £10.76
Monthly Invoice Total                                                                      £67.45 +VAT

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Is there a minimum charge?

We do have a minimum monthly charge that currently stands at £50.00 and is effectively covering our administration fees and first 3000 mono A4 pages per month. So as an example, your amount of copies per month did not reach the equivalent of £50.00, this is the charge you will incur regardless.

Termination of Contract

Should you wish to terminate the letting of a copier from us all you need to do is to provide a minimum of 30 days’ notice in writing. On the last day of your contract your final bill will be sent to you and we will arrange for collection of any let equipment from the premises.


Copier Hire can supply and save you money today. Hire a Copier >